Client Testimonials

“Though REM has been operating successfully for over 40 years, Goal Partners and Fred Kroin have been essential elements in the growth of our company and its management structure.  With the help of Fred’s experienced facilitation, REM crafted a comprehensive strategic 5-year Business Plan and, with his guidance, successfully formed a dynamic Executive Management Team, improving both organizational and operational excellence.

Fred is skilled at maneuvering our diverse group of executives in an objective, positive and constructive way that has created a culture of accountability and teamwork.  Given the nature of the group and the development challenges ahead, his continued involvement will be crucial to the group’s future success. We truly benefit from his ability to see to the heart of a matter, to ask the tough questions and to be the objective mediator.

REM is 100% family owned.  This presents its own set of challenges.  From a personal perspective, Fred has helped to make me more aware of my professional style and its effect on others.  He has given all of us valuable insights from an objective perspective resulting in improved communication and teamwork.”

Mark Michaud, President
REM Surface Engineering

“Turning dreams into business plans is not difficult.  Taking a good business plan and then implementing and managing it effectively is always the challenge.  Fred Kroin helped us with that challenge at Road Machinery.  With his guidance the management team learned to focus on the vital factors that helped us turn around a business struggling to find profitability.”

Chuck Paugh, former President
Road Machinery

“Pinnacle Design Inc. has been pleased to work with Fred Kroin as a Management Consultant for the past four years.  Utilizing Fred’s services has been an effective method to concentrate and focus on “running the business”, which can so easily otherwise be lost by harried and hectic firm principals/owners.

Fred’s coaching and mentoring to track progress, set goals and tasks and hold each other accountable has been an invaluable help in the growth and sustainability of our firm.  Those same processes have also been helpful in working through the downturn in the economy.

Functioning as an “objective referee,” Fred often played a role in discussing and mediating issues amongst the partners and divisions.  His own personal business and management experience made him a valuable resource for general business advice.

Fred was not only a coach, advisor and mentor, but became a true friend as well.  We would highly recommend his services for any firm – large or small.”

James G. Tigges, Principal
William Francis, Principal
Christopher Connelly, Principal

“Fred helped us with the development of our monthly executive management team meetings.   Through these meetings we established a process for accountability, out of the box thinking and team collaboration that allowed us to focus on the right priorities for Weil Lifestyle and align them with a well-informed team consensus for goal setting.

It is my pleasure to recommend Fred Kroin.  Fred provided services to Weil Lifestyle for strategic planning, development of monthly management team meetings and in-house team building programs.  Fred is a thoughtful and articulate moderator who has a true attitude of service.   As a result of his good work, Weil Lifestyle has met or exceeded its operating budgets over the last several years and we have improved employee morale and effectiveness in communication.   I highly recommend Fred if your company is looking for a professional to help guide you toward discerning the right goals and then achieving them.”

Laurence B. Tree II, Co-Founder / CEO
Weil Lifestyle, LLC

Fred provided an energetic team-building experience for my senior staff and helped the individual division directors develop strategic priorities that are now being measured and monitored at the enterprise level.  The tools and process that he implemented have helped each leader be accountable for results and to work collaboratively with each other.  Fred’s support has perhaps, most importantly, enhanced our ability to define and measure success.”

Carol A. Poore, President and CEO
Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS

”Fred has conducted a number of management workshops for REM’s employees on our metric-driven management process and on improving communications thru an understanding of personal behavior styles.  His engaging manner and intelligent delivery have resulted in educational and enjoyable experiences for all involved.  These workshops as well as his easy style have opened doors of communication between REM’s employees and management that had not existed previously.

Personally, I value Fred’s advice and collaboration immensely.  In our Executive Team Meetings, he brings a force of character and a fresh perspective to the table.  He challenges every one of us to be more effective and productive in our roles at REM.”

Louise Michaud, Secretary Treasurer
REM Chemicals

“Fred facilitated a strategic planning session for our team that was excellent!  This started everybody in our company working together.  After showing us how, he then led our monthly management team meetings in a way designed to hold everybody accountable for their goals. It works!

Fred also conducted several in-house team-building programs for us. These not only accomplished team building but also improved team spirit.

Even at my age I learned a lot about running a business from Fred.  He kept me on my toes and taught me how to make people accountable.   Every company needs something like this in order to grow and prosper.”

Meyer Turken, Boss man
TIP Maintenance, Inc. & Turken Industrial Properties, Inc.

“The most significant benefit I received from the monthly meetings Fred facilitated for my company was a sharpened focus. The principle hazard of modern business is “mile-wide, inch-deep” syndrome, in which dozens of projects are begun and abandoned as distractions continually arise. Fred constantly encouraged us to simplify and prioritize – don’t have too many people in the meetings, and don’t have too many goals and action steps for any given month.  As much as we may feel it is necessary, no one can do everything all the time. Fred helped us to identify and complete the few truly critical things that we really needed to get done.

Brad Lemley, Editorial Director
Weil Lifestyle, LLC

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