Strategic Implementation Modules and Action Plan Programs

STRATEGIC PLANNING MODULE: Preparing for and Conducting a Strategic Planning Session

This program includes:

  • Pre-Planning Session Training (conference call or on-site)
    • Select the Planning Team
    • Select the Venue
    • Choose a team member to be the liaison with the facilitator
    • Put the Team to Work in Advance (the PPQ)
    • Schedule the Session and the events to follow
  • Pre-Planning Questionnaire (PPQ)
  • Facilitate the 2-day Planning Session (Define your company’s Top Key Strategic Objectives. i.e. TKSOs)
  • Support completion of the Plan (i.e. task plans for the TKSOs)
  • Facilitate workshop to complete plans for any remaining TKSOs (Optional)

READINESS MODULE: To Ensure Successful Execution of the Plan

This program includes:

  • Half Day of Training on the Management System
  • Training on how to set SMART Goals
  • Oversee the Collection of 3 years of historical data on selected parameters (both financial and non-financial)
  • Facilitate a ½ day session to identify the critical metrics for the business as a whole and which member will “steward” each.
  • Facilitate workshop to complete plans for any remaining TKSOs (Optional)

QUICK START MODULE: Prepare for and Conduct the 1st   Leadership Meeting

This program includes:

  • Set up of the initial KPI Spreadsheet (KSS) from template provided
  • Prepare initial Tasks and Progress (TP) forms
  • Critique completed KSS and TPs
  • Lead first ½ day Dry Run Leadership Meeting
  • Document 1st Leadership Meeting and make recommendations for Improvement
  • Coaching call to each team member as may be appropriate (30 minutes each)

ACCOUNTABILITY MODULE: Conduct Follow-on Leadership Meetings Facilitation, Coaching and Mentoring

This program includes:

  • Review updated KSS and TPs prior to next Leadership Meeting
  • Facilitate this month’s ½ day Leadership Meeting
  • Document the meeting and make recommendations as needed
  • Coaching call to each team member as may be necessary (30 minutes each)

All Programs and Action-Plans are Tailored to Fit the Needs of Your Organization. 

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